Bundesfachverband Elektronische Hilfsmittel e.V.

Elektronische Hilfsmittel für Sinnesbehinderte

Mobile aids

A wide variety of  aids enable independent  living and mobility. These include everyday aids such as bar code scanners, color recognition systems, adapted mobile phones as well as GPS and computer systems.

Speech-output equipment

Modern speech output equipment enables the blind and visually impaired to ‚read‘ or hear books and newspapers. Personal documents or letters can be made accessible by these devices. There are mobile speech-output systems that fit in every pocket as well as bigger devices designed for use at home. 

Work-place equipment

Software and hardware components are used to equip workplaces for the blind and the visually impaired.

Electronic magnifying lenses

Electronic magnifying lenses have a higher magnification than optical magnifying lenses and can display different contrasts.

Camera systems

Similar to the screen readers these systems use cameras that magnify the text.  The pictures are then streamed to the screen. The cameras are portable. Some systems can be directly connected to the computer. Camera systems are mostly used at the workplace and by students. 

Braille lines

Braille lines are hardware components that make text or computer information readable in braille. 


Many software programs are available  that enable the blind and visually impaired to use computers and the various computer applications.