Bundesfachverband Elektronische Hilfsmittel e.V.

BEH standards for assistive technology

The health reform 2007 and the new health-care law dated April 1st 2017 contained new regulations for aids funded by health-care.

The legislation is designed to encourage competition between suppliers and to realize cost savings.  Many assistive devices are covered by health-insurance. The legislation may be found in §127 SGB V.

Non-standard aids, as well as those requiring a high degree of customisation are not to given out to tender. Health insurance must identify these products.

The BEH took this opportunity to present the view of the service providers in the field of assistive technology for the product groups 07, 16 and 25 to the health-insurance board. 

The BEH believes that it is important to define quality standards for assistive technology. Quality standards must serve both the legal requirements of health insurances as well as the  individual needs of the customer.  

The BEH has developed standards for the product groups groups 07, 16 and 25 of the assistive devices catalogue. BEH members have committed themselves to these quality standards for all products sold.